Over Two Decades of Training,Coaching and Empowering

Over twenty years ago while living in Southern California, Tim began working with clients in the areas of self-empowerment and personal coaching. He has written numerous articles and published books on the subjects.
In 2008 he received his first fitness certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. Since that time he has studied with The American Council on Exercise, The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, Precision Nutrition and more. Through these studies he has gained certifications in exercise science, nutrition, holistic life coaching, results coaching, and personal coaching, just to name a few.
These advanced certifications have helped Tim to offer his clients a complete and well-rounded approach to living the best life possible. It’s the philosophy of 3rd Coast Fitness that if you want the best life has to offer, you have to continually improve in all key areas. Whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, fitness, well-being, nutrition, family, if you ignore one you affect all. Of course we start with fitness and nutrition because they drive your very existence, but we don’t ignore the other areas of life. In fact, once we get your overall health on the right track, you’ll naturally want more in other areas and we can help with that as well.
Although we’re currently located in Western Michigan, you can access our services anywhere you have a computer or a phone and our programs are designed with that purpose in mind.
Whatever your goal, get a hold of us, give us a ring, see if we might be a good fit!