There is out there in the universe, the perfect formula for preparing you for all of the adventures your life has to offer. It exists at the intersection of your mental, emotional and physical strengths. Finding it, is not always so simple.

For some, it is as little as a simple daily walk. For others, it can mean hours spent forging muscular connections in the gym. Still, for others, it maybe a combination of yoga and trail running.

You may already know what you love to do to get fit, you may not. Which are you? And… is what you’re doing moving you in the direction you desire?

To fully understand TRAIN, you need to know your WHY.

Do you? Do you know your WHY? What is it that will get you up in the morning when others are still sleeping? What is it that will keep you pushing in the gym when others have long since gone home?

It’s Okay not to know the answers right now. Part of what makes 3rd Coast Fitness unique is our coaching style. We know that in order to make this work for you, we have to help you find your WHYs. It’s kind of like getting free life coaching along with your Training program.

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