Most of us know we don’t get enough of it and yet, it is the first thing we’ll sacrifice when life throws us a curve-ball.

What most of us don’t realize is just how important sleep and recovery are for our health. We just assume we’ll be a little tired and we’ll make it up later. Right?

Let me ask you this… “Have you ever had a time when you were doing everything right with your nutrition and exercise , and still you couldn’t move the needle?” Maybe your workouts suddenly seemed flat or your weight loss journey completely plateaued. Maybe, in spite of all of your efforts, you actually started gaining weight you knew you shouldn’t have been.

At 3rd Coast Fitness LLC, we get it. Life happens. There’s a constant hustle and bustle we all seem to live in that just plain demands that something has got to give. For most of us it’s our sleep. We all figure we’ll catch up on it later, but our bodies don’t work that way. For a short time we can cope with a few less hours here and there. The problem there is that even knowing we’re getting less than we need, we sabotage the little sleep we do get. We sleep with lights on, or the TV, or our never to be separated smart devices, all the while wondering why we slept so poorly as tired as we were.

Sleep is only part of the recovery equation our bodies need when we train. There’s the whole other side of taking care of our bodies that falls into this category of health. And, if we don’t pay attention to our bodies, sooner or later, they will demand it.

It’s so important that we made this our third core principle.

Again, when we focus on this area, we’ll help you relate it to your WHYs. It’s the only way short of your body demanding it that this area gets better for any of us.

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