How do you PLAY?

Play is in everything in life. It can be in the best of times and it can even be there when you are at your lowest.

At 3rd Coast Fitness LLC, we believe that everything we do is so that we can play better. Sometimes we work extremely hard in the gym so we can play better in a race or a competition. Sometimes, all of the workouts and nutritional coaching is just leading up to being a better grandparent or husband or wife or son or daughter. Sometimes, it allows us to play in the woods or surfing the most incredible waves. Sometimes it allows us to write better or create something.

Once you know, and we believe you already do, what it is you are working for… your PLAY, it becomes much easier to focus on the task at hand. The work to be done in the gym or on the road can indeed be turned into play as well.

We believe it is part of our responsibility to you as a client to help you connect the work you do with us to the PLAY in your life. Most of our programs are designed with that in mind. It’s a question we ask of ourselves and you; “How does what we are doing help you Play better?” In fact, we’ve created a Facebook group entirely around PLAY. This is a place where you can share your PLAY with others and hopefully get encouragement or ideas that will help you PLAY even better.

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