Fitness Coaching

You don’t have to want to be an athlete to take advantage of true fitness coaching. We’re not talking about the motivational, in your face personal trainers you may have seen at some time in your past. We’re talking about, sitting down, exploring your health goals, and then creating a real, attainable, manageable program to help you reach and then maintain whatever level you desire.

We realize that you may simply be looking to spend active time with your grand-kids, or maybe you are hoping you can curb the need for all of the pills you’ve been prescribed over the years. There are no guarantees and yet, many have experienced relief from aches and pains, drop in body fat, increased strength and more, without the goal of being a bodybuilder.

Now, if you are an athlete and you are looking to go to a whole new level, we can help with that as well. The process is the same. Find out what you want, figure out where you’re at, and create a program to get you to where you want to be.

The goal with all of our plans is self-efficacy, the ability to manage your health and fitness without a coach. Not because we don’t want to keep you around or continue to work with you and challenge you, but because when it comes to health, you shouldn’t need a coach forever. How quickly you get there will depend on you and on the specific goals you have for yourself. For some people, it maybe years, for others only a few months.

If you’re an athlete, chances are whether its with 3rd Coast Fitness or someone else, you’ll always want a coach if you’re growing and competing. A good coach will help you discover how to get to where you want to be and then realize what’s next. A good coach will be able to look at your performance and help you make the tweaks that will take you to the next level.

We offer plans that are tailored to you based on your goals and your needs. Do you just want a basic workout schedule or do you need a top down makeover of nutrition and exercise? Are you prepping for a competition? All of these factors come into play when designing a custom program just for you.

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