Our Programs

There are almost 8 billion of us living on this planet today. Each one of us is unique. Yes, there are some general similarities in the way our bodies use the foods we eat, or respond to different types of exercise and activities we participate in. Still, each one of us is different. So why would you want a training program or a nutrition plan designed around somebody else unique body blueprint?

At 3rd Coast Fitness LLC. we treat each member of our tribe as an individual. No cookie-cutter training programs. No off the shelf nutritional advice. We’re interested in you. Your likes and dislikes. Your goals, your dreams. Your strengths and your weaknesses. We want to know everything that makes you who you are. It’s only then that we can design a program that’s just right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a major lifestyle change, prepping for a physique contest, looking to improve your nutrition, trying to lose weight, trying to gain weight, or just hoping to feel better, we’ll help you to create a plan that you know you can commit to.

And… it doesn’t end there. We’ll check in on a regular basis and see how it’s going. With our workout app on your phone or computer you’ll be able to connect with your coach, log workouts and nutrition, access custom printouts assigned just for you. In addition, you’ll have regular access via email or phone to your coach. All of this access means we’ll know if you’re on track or if we need to change things up. Ultimately, we’re here to make sure you get the results you deserve and to do it in the way that’s best for you.

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