No one likes to be told they can’t have something; It’s just human nature.

That single statement alone should help you understand why your dieting attempts in the past have not turned out exactly the way you had hoped.

And, it’s for that very reason, we don’t start any conversation about eating with what you can’t have or need to cut out. First of all, at this point we don’t even know your goals, and even when we do… we’re still not going to go after removing certain foods up front.

Have you ever had a conversation with a trainer about Macros? Do you even really know what they are? And, have you ever said… “I’ve got a hankerin’ for a really big plate of Macros?”

Most of us, if we’re looking to be healthy, don’t ever need to have a conversation about Macros. Really! Never!

If you are a high level competitive athlete and you want to take things to another level and you’ve already tweaked everything else. OK, we’ll talk macros. Other than that, why would you ever want to complicate things on that level?

At 3rd Coast Fitness,LLC, we’re all about developing healthy, sustainable habits that will serve you for a lifetime and once again… help you meet your WHYs.

So, don’t worry, we’re not going after your favorite food and taking it away. In fact, you will probably find us telling you to add things to your eating habits.

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