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It’s really simple! When it comes right down to it, a great life starts with 3 things.

Train, Eat, Sleep.

At 3rd Coast Fitness, LLC, that’s the way we work every program we design.

Train your body to move.

Eat the right foods, at the right time.

Sleep and recover.

At 3rd Coast Fitness, LLC, we know that most of our clients don’t live to workout. They also don’t want to obsess over what they are eating, and they certainly don’t want some restricting diet plan.

We also know that most of us, probably you too, don’t take enough time to sleep and recover.

Our process is to take your goals and blend them together with our 3 core principles to create a plan, a set of habits that you will enjoy incorporating into your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we know that it’s not about your workouts, or your nutrition plan, or even your recommended recovery plan. Wouldn’t you agree that, what you really want is to feel better, healthier, stronger so your life just works better?

We believe that none of this makes any difference, if you don’t enjoy the ride. Life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest.

We approach everything we do with a spirit of play. You’ll hear us talk about it, write about it and, when we design a program for you we’ll want to know what “Play” your workouts and nutrition will allow you to enjoy more.

Sure, some of the workouts will be tough. Yes, you may find yourself changing some of your eating habits, but only if they help you play better in life.

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