The Reset Button of Life

You and I we’re not so different from each other.

There’s a good chance that up until now, life has not exactly worked out the way we think it should have and yet… here we are at a crossroads.

We are at a point where we have a choice to make…

Continue in the same direction, getting the same miserable or mediocre results, doing the same things, feeling the same way

The question I pose to you is:


Maybe, just maybe, you and I didn’t take quite as good of care of ourselves as we should have. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Any of this ringing true with you so far? Maybe you just wish you could go back and do things differently? Maybe you long to have the significant other of your dreams? Maybe you want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail or climb a mountain? Maybe you just want to be healthy and energetic enough to play with your grandchildren, see them graduate, get married? Maybe, like me, you don’t have children, and you wonder as you age where that leaves you?

I could write pages on the fears we have as we face what can either be the best… or alternatively, the worst years of our lives on this great big spinning planet we call home.

Instead, let me get to the point of all this…

What would you say if I told you that right now, although you can’t go back to your teens, you could hit a Great Big Reset Button and have the life you’ve only dreamed about until now?

Would you do it?

Would you at least be curious enough to hear the rest of what I have to say?

Maybe you’d be one of those people who says they don’t have time for this?

Maybe you’re thinking; what would the point be?

Let me just say this… If you’re not at least curious, there is a pretty good chance that the second half of your life is going to be just like the first half. If at some point you and I don’t stop, take an inventory, and say; “This is not what I want!”, then what we’ve been getting our entire life is going to be exactly what we get for the rest of it.

And… I’ve got news for us. If we don’t do anything now at the midpoint of life: change our health, activity levels, nutrition, mental and emotional practices it is almost certainly guaranteed to get worse.


Because if we don’t do anything to ebb the tide, so to speak, our bodies naturally begin to degrade themselves and in fact, for most of us it started around the time of our 25th birthday. That’s right, the average male begins to lose about 2% of their lean muscle mass(the thing that burns most of the fuel in our bodies) every five years after the age of 25. (Assuming of course we don’t do any muscle-building activities.)

If you think it’s bad after you go for a walk now, wait another 10 or 20 years with little to no activity in your life and see how long it takes you to recover from climbing the stairs.

I know you may not want to be a bodybuilder… or maybe you do… but that’s not what I’m talking about here. The key to health, which is the key to being around and able to live the life you want, lies in how efficiently your body’s’ systems work and if they are doing nothing but downgrading, what kind of life are you(we) getting ready for?

I mentioned – mental, emotional, and spiritual earlier. You might be thinking, what does that have to do with my health? Let’s face it, our ability to get out and drive ourselves forward to the life we truly desire doesn’t come around when we’re in a funk. When life has us depressed and feeling lonely and unworthy… yes, I said unworthy, because you know on some level that is how you feel sometimes, what are the chances you are going to get up in the morning, lace up you shoes and go for a walk or to the gym or to the trails or hop on your bike or get your new business venture planned or anything else we want in life? Really?

It can be a very ugly cycle… you feel depressed so you don’t move. You don’t move so your health slips. Poor health brings on depression. Around and around we go. Sadly, few of us ever make the connection.

Yeah Tim, but spiritual? Yes, spiritual! I’m not here to tell you anything and certainly not what to believe. I am here to suggest that you to find a connection with something bigger than you… whatever it is, or you are going to miss some serious purpose and drive in your life.

Enough of this for now…

The really good news is that in essence, at anytime that we decide, we can with some effort, hit the “Reset Button” and start moving towards the things we want in life. The life of our dreams, so to speak. And if you’re single, it’s actually easier. You and only you control what’s proper or acceptable in your life. Without the commitments of a relationship, you can get up at 2 am just to see what the stars look like or go to the gym at 11pm at night or stay up all night writing that book you always knew was inside of you. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, consider what a great gift it is to have the time to create the you that will absolutely attract the person of your dreams.


You have to begin and although you don’t have to know everything right now to get started, you do need to know some things, and you have got to have a plan.

Think of it this way; if your computer was having major malfunctions you could reset it. You could completely start over and reinstall only the programs and apps that you want right? However, before you did that, you’d want to have some idea that the things you wanted to keep were still going to be available when you cleared the hard drive right? So before you hit reset, you’d maybe make sure your pictures were backed up or safely online somewhere and the apps you needed were available somewhere online as well.

That’s what you need to know to begin. A reset can be seemingly complete or it can carry the best of what you currently have forward.

That is where I come in…

I can help you formulate the plan, figure out what needs cleaning and what just plain needs to go and then, if you’d like, I can help hold you accountable for the results.

Trust me when I say, I will absolutely not tell you what to do. I believe that deep inside, all of us already know instinctively what to do. My role is to help you bring it out, clarify, maybe put a plan together and then help you keep on track.

All that said… maybe you don’t feel you need this. Maybe the first half of your life was just as dreamy as you could imagine and you’re just hoping for a repeat. If that’s the case, fantastic. I wish you nothing but health, happiness and well-being in the second half of your life.

If on the other hand, you’re maybe thinking it might not be such a bad idea to get going while the going’s good then stick with me here.

My promise to you is that this site will be a continuously growing resource for you as you move forward into the best life ever. If all you ever do is come here and gobble up the free resources it is my pleasure to serve the meal!

If you’d like to work with me on Pushing The Big Reset Button in your life just fill out the contact form below and I’ll get you the info on how to get started.

Either way remember, life is meant to be lived… not survived. It’s time to go for it in your own big way!

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